Our Mission

Our Mission

To improve safety for patients receiving health care in Washington, in all care settings.

Our Vision

Safe care:  every patient, every time, everywhere.

Our Values

  1. Patient-centered: The methods used and promoted by the Coalition will be driven by the needs of the patient.
  2. System-oriented and sustainable:  The Coalition will focus on system changes that create and sustain a safe environment.
  3. Evidence-based:  The Coalition will strive to promote methods and activities that are evidence-based, while accommodating new research and emerging applications.
  4. Inclusive: The Coalition’s work will recognize the diversity of our community and will strive to include all populations and stakeholders.
  5. Resource-sensitive: The Coalition will be sensitive to the resources required to implement and sustain change.

Our Approach

We will partner with patients, families and the healthcare community to improve safety within and across all care settings by:

  • Facilitating the exchange of information about best practices.
  • Identifying and promoting new knowledge and practices.
  • Supporting coordinated collaborative efforts and partnerships.
  • Encouraging patient advocacy and engagement.
  • Cultivating a culture of safety that is evidenced in our strategies, policies and activities.

Join the Coalition!

Download the form, fill out the required information and then mail it in with your payment. Select the membership category that best describes your organization. If you have any questions, please contact us.